“It’s not fair!”

A few moments ago i searched google.news just to discover almost 3,500 items about Paris Hilton going back to jail and she was seen hysterical, crying, and calling for her mom. Earlier today, when the cable in the new place was hooked up, every news channel had the same main item – Paris Hilton is going back to jail and she was seen hysterical, crying, and calling for her mom. Fox presented that under “breaking news”. A few times they had “it’s not fair” and “mom” displayed on screen for at least half a minute. Other channels had experts(!) to comment on her psychological situation, political and legal repercussions of the step and more.

And my questions are – Why is this important? Why is this interesting? Why is this taking up air time? What is there that i am missing?


11 Responses to ““It’s not fair!””

  1. Veronica Says:

    The lack of real problems to report on? Take a look at our healines for example. Maybe having existential problems on a daily basis is the only thing that can keep away Paris Hilton like news from the headlines?

  2. Dima Says:

    If the amount of media attention to Paris Hilton is an indicator of global stability, i think i would prefer seeing her on screen 24/7. What motivated me to post what i posted is the fact that there are real problems to talk about, but the airtime was spent on Paris in a blown out of any proportions way.

  3. Michelle Says:

    Headlines News, Headlines == bad incidents most people found subjects familiar and story can be kept short or develop like wind path along mountains. Celebrity scandals fit.

    And I think dedicated News channel run around the clock is another reason, either there is too much air time to be filled up, or the abundant time uses up resources for media people to think what to report.

    My preferred news report program in my city was not with pay TV, it only got broadcasted three times a day.

  4. Michelle Says:

    oops, symbols being read as code
    I wanted to put ‘Headlines’ do not equal to ‘News’.

  5. lisa Says:

    Given that news outfits unfailingly carefully gather and present only the most objectively important and relevant news, without regard to how entertaining and publicly-digestible it might be…. are you daring to suggest that Paris Hilton’s jail experience isn’t a pivotal moment in human history!!!?

  6. Michelle Says:

    Heir of an important business doing all the wild things get in and out jail being pivotal moment in human history? To the special treatment of completing the 40-day sentence in the luxury home confinement… may be yes; to the part of how she cried, a definite no.

  7. Michelle Says:

    P.S. WordPress so far is obviously a good pick, Dima.

  8. Dima Says:

    I’d agree that the issue is news-worthy, but i think it was blown way out of proportion. Take a look at the video i just posted :)

  9. Danial Says:

    Dima, it’s ironic: the morning after I wrote that post, I woke up, turned on the TV (of course in was still on CNN since that was what I had been watching the night before while writing) and guess what was on it: first, the same person talking about the confronation of the indicted and the victim’s mom… and right after that: the memorable moment of Hilton’s freedom… The reporter was saying she had spent the enitre night outside the prison to be there once she is being released…

  10. Danial Says:

    Do you have moderation on for the comments?… Are you practicing censor or something?! ;)

  11. Dima Says:

    There is kind of a moderation here, but it is against spammers, not against ideas :) The good thing (and i really like it here) is that you approve users, not single comments. So, from now on, you can comment as much as you want and without a delay.

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