Very impressive!

In fact it is so impressive that i have to reproduce Tarleton’s post and urge you, if you are reading this blog, to check out this video and try the demo. This is a tool named Photosynth that uses image database, such as Flickr, to create a visul space. In other words, it uses large amounts or pictures, taken by unrelated individuals and constructs a larger space with abilities to zoom, rotate and cruse around. You have to try it in order to get as excited as I am at the moment.

On a different note, provided that this is an MS development, i think it shows that there is still a lot to the MS-Google battle. Very impressive.


3 Responses to “Very impressive!”

  1. lisa Says:

    Funnily enough I discovered this on TED talks just hours before you posted and the same thought about Google earth not being the clear leader popped into my head too :) Thank you for the link to demo this!

  2. Heidi Cool Says:

    It sounds intriguing, but alas, it requires Windows. Perhaps a Mac version will be available after the Beta version launches.

  3. Dima Says:

    Good point. At the same time it is an MS tool… somehow I am not surprised that they didn’t release a MAC version yet :)

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