2.0-ing the wireless

I hate to acknowledge that, but it seems like the marketing efforts of web 2.0 promoters have effects.  At least on me, as I start thinking in their terms.  For example, today i saw this article about AT&T supporting some open access to cellular airwaves that has been so far exclusively allocated to bidders. Reading it I wondered, if the mobile carriers are not trying now to join the whole 2.0 celebration by opening up their infrastructures for user generated content and applications. If they do so, what is it based on? A clever market research? Or the hype effect of extreme 2.0-ing of everything? Or maybe it is a very visionary thinking regarding the nature of cellular infrastructure? For example a couple of years ago I heard lecture by an MIT professor (really trying to remember his name right now, but can’t) claiming that the spectrum is basically an unlimited resource and as such current policy strategy is in fact based on wrong assumptions. If that’s the case, industry driven opening up of the infrastructure is a very smart move both politically and from the marketing point of view.

What do you think? Any other ideas?


One Response to “2.0-ing the wireless”

  1. lisa Says:

    I’m really struggling to understand what you mean, especially your use of ‘2.0’, which to me means something else, something like semantic, tagged, self-publishing web.

    I don’t anything about the current FCC activity, But I think Google has made a comment similar to AT&T on the same topic.

    As to the last bit, your MIT prof is right — wireless spectrum is like the ocean, finite, but not in a way that realistically limits the amount of ships that can move around — and modern devices are extremely clever, collision-avoiding, toy-sized ships in this analogy! The assumption/marketing that it’s finite is a way of limiting its use (traditionally giving commercial radio broadcasters some competitive advantage). Much more of the electronmagnetic spectrum could easily be declared ‘wireless commons’, as microwave aka wifi is now, without hurting anything except commercial interests of companies who pay for bits of spectrum. (Once wrote a paper on the topic if you are interested).

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