Sense of humor

Recently i had a rather unique chance of being exposed to some of the remains of the Soviet era. I saw a box of detergent from the 1970’s. It wasn’t just any detergent, but an imported one, which was a rarity at that time. People would put an effort to get as much as possible of imported detergent, stock it, and use it for generations – go figure when would be the next time you could get it. This is how today, over 30 years older, we can get a chance of traveling back in time.

This particular detergent was imported nowhere else, but from Iran, and the box has a very nice, typical 1970’s design. But the best feature of that detergent is its name. It’s called “Barf”. Take a look yourself…

Now, the questions is, does it have any meaning in Persian, or there was just someone with a very sarcastic sense of humor in Iran who decided to sell Russians detergent with such an interesting name? Maybe it is similar to the sense of humor of a person who sold Israeli paper cups to Saudi Arabia?

Update (July 26)

The story turned out to be less sophisticated than i thought. Barf in Persian means snow and my sense is that this brand exists up to date.


3 Responses to “Sense of humor”

  1. Leonid Says:

    Reading the article you linked to, “barf” is Persian for “snow”.

  2. Dima Says:

    Right! I should learn scrolling down… :) Going to update the entry now.

  3. Danial Says:

    Wow!… This is actually a pretty famous brand of detergent in Iran! An irrelevant point: Shah would sell detergent to Russians while Islamic Republic is trying to buy atomic technology from them!

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