Skype is down

I am trying to get back on the blogging track and unfortunately the first post is about Skype being down today.  It is so down that even the link to blogs that discuss it doesn’t work.  Something is wrong in the VoIP kingdom.

For me this is yet another example of how we rely on technology and to a degree depend on it.  I had to make an international call this morning and i couldn’t really do it because i rely on Skype as my primary communication tool.  After all it is always there, and the infrastructure/technology it is using are pretty much transparent to user in a sense that I do not think about them while utilizing them.  And suddenly it is not there and I am stuck.

I wonder what would happen when Gmail or Yahoo mail would glitch even if for a few hours…


5 Responses to “Skype is down”

  1. megavoltage Says:

    Actually my gmail wouldnt work and i couldnt log into myspace once for a while, as well as a forum that i would spend a lot of time at which was down for several days. Personally i hated it because i didnt get to talk to some of my friends and had too much free time. We do rely on technology sometimes too much. =/

  2. lisa Says:

    And we thought it was our router :||

  3. Leonid Says:


  4. nikos Says:

    It was apparently caused by a massive user reconnect after a Windows Update forced millions of computers to restart. Nice job, micro$oft.
    Here’s the story

  5. Dima Says:

    megavoltage, you have no idea how much i can relate to the gmail frustration at the moment.

    Lisa, that what i first thought as well…

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