Gmail is down

It seems like i am facing (hopefully) a promo of my dark googalization prophecy. My gmail account is down for already over 24 hours and i have to admit it is very annoying (especially since i started hearing about emails sent to me that are bouncing back). I contacted Google support already twice about the issue, but am keep on getting an annoying 502 error saying: “We’re sorry, but your Gmail account is currently experiencing errors (...) Please try logging in to your account again in a few minutes.

This made me thinking(again) about the problematics of putting all the communication eggs in one g-basket. Although this time it is only the email service that is not functioning, but what about a scenario where other services linked to the same account stop working? When all our online communication practices are channeled through a single route, what is the potential damage of glitches in that route? Google are trying to make us keep our documents with them, our calendars with them, our pictures with them, our notes, and more… but here i am experiencing a (hopefully) rather minor technical glitch, and that makes me thinking again about yet another downside of googalization.

Gmail frustration

This is me being frustrated with gmail.


2 Responses to “Gmail is down”

  1. Leonid Says:

    John Dvorak — insightful as ever.,1759,2170676,00.asp

    P.S. Funny thing, I’ve missed this posting because Google Reader was down together with Google Mail.

  2. Over 60 hours and counting « ::: Think Macro ::: Says:

    […] you Leonichka for the comment, it definitely helps to clarify my […]

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