Travel observations

Just wanted to share a couple of observations from my recent travels in the US.

First, riding a bus on East coast gives you an impression of road being the contemporary rivers. It is really amazing how everywhere you go there are those long roads with an ocean of green surrounding them. And every now and then you have those rest areas, and new ones are getting built. I think this is what the rivers looked like in the past, when they were the main transportation routs. There is no particular point in this paragraph, just an observation :)

The second observation is about the Penn Station and the weird way they are managing the schedule there. I just don’t grasp it. Here we go…. You buy a ticket to go to point B. The train that takes you there is going from point A to point C. When you buy the ticket they don’t tell you that you are taking the train from point A to point C. They also don’t tell you which platform the train is coming to. All you get is the time of your train. Now you have to wait and about 5 minutes before the departure time they show you what platform you train is leaving from. And i am asking why?!?!


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