Over 60 hours and counting

Yes, it’s been over 60 hours that i started getting this annoying 502 error from Google. The six reports via their help system haven’t produced any response from the sleeping giant. I am not sure i would buy a stock of a company with such consumer service.

And this is annoying. Not simply annoying, but i am sure also harming my work. A lesson should be learned in terms of using third party services, especially those offered for free. At this point, as i am channeling all work related correspondence to the university address, i am really open for suggestions for Google alternatives for a private email account.

Thank you Leonichka for the comment, it definitely helps to clarify my point.


I notice that many people are hitting this entry.  Unfortunately, there is no solution here and I don’t think that Google has one either.  All you can do is wait and bombard Google with requests for help.  If interested, you can read my update messages and see how long it took me to get it resolved (there is a link in the upper right corner and the answer is over 6 days). 

I relate to your pain, but the only advice i can give is be patient.


8 Responses to “Over 60 hours and counting”

  1. Leonid Says:

    The weird thing is that I don’t experience any problems at all. I did notice some minor glitch the day before yesterday, but it was gone in a matter of minutes.
    Did you try to salvage it with pop3? Cookies? Ahem, alternative browsers?

  2. Leonid Says:

    The thing is that I can’t find almost any other reports, so it looks like the problem at your side.
    Sorry for pointing out the obvious…

  3. Leonid Says:


  4. Leonid Says:

    Ah, I can see you visited the last page :)))
    Ok, I will stop this stupid monologue. Talk to me by Skype if you want to.

  5. Dima Says:

    Thanks for thinking so high of my technical problems solving abilities, but as you already know, i tried all i could on my end. The problem is their, not mine. As hard as it may be to admit, in this particular instance Google suck, and apparently i am not the only one in this boat.

  6. lisa Says:

    Hey Dima, I thought Gmail was down when I was travelling too but turned out to be that the connection I was going across blocked unsecured web pages, and using the secure Gmail webpage worked.

    that is https://mail.google.com/mail/
    instead of http://mail.google.com/mail/

    Good luck!

  7. Dima Says:

    Thanks Lisa!
    The issue is that from the same computer and with the same connection people are able to log in to their account, but i am getting that annoying 502 error. So, i think there is nothing wrong with that. Besides, if it worked before with connection and i haven’t changed anything, why would it suddenly start blocking stuff?
    I am getting really frustrated with Google – 4 days, 7 help request and no response… their support simply sucks!

  8. lisa Says:

    Your frustration is palpable! I’m sure you’ve done your research, but it’s not like anything is “blocking” you. See an explanation of error 502. They could have a bug in their software which they probably already resolved. Or they could have been reconfiguring proxies or something and you accessed your email at the precise millisecond in time when it was switching and something didn’t update. They have some cache internally which THEY probably need to clear. On the other hand the likelihood of it happening to you is probably way beyond the likelihood of winning a $10 million lottery — I hope you feel special!

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