Today i was accidentally exposed to another Cornellian tradition – buying hockey tickets.

Who could imagine that hockey tickets purchase can become an entire festival? The box office will start selling tickets tomorrow at 9:00 (AM), however tonight dozens, or maybe even hundreds of students, are already lining up for them. Here is what it looks like:

Hockey Tradition 1

Hockey Tradition 2

(sorry for the quality, the pictures were taken with a mobile phone)

This is in fact amazing. Not sure it is clear from the picture, but people brought sleeping begs, blankets, and folding chairs. Some brought studies and books, others laptops or even entire desktop computers. I could also spot a few playstations/xboxes/WIIs. There was a mobile pizza stand and some other quick food establishment inside the sport hall. BBQ was missing, but i overheard something like the students being allowed to bring in some amounts of alcohol, provided that all the members of the party are of the legal age.

But it does not end there. There are not just people sleeping all over the sports center, there is a tradition. From the little pieces i managed to gather on the spot it seems for example that they are not allowed to leave the place for an entire night. From time to time, the organizers are having random checks and if you are not answering when called, you place in line will be canceled. They literally shut the doors at 23:00 (11:00 PM) and re-open them in the morning. The whole thing looks bizarre.

The good thing is that i finally got to see Cornell mascot. The cute bear was dancing in the crowd and people were interacting with him. At some point the members of the hockey team were supposed to come to the “camping spot” to socialize with the fans. Apparently they are kind of celebs… I think one could use this unique opportunity and purchase Cornell hockey memorabilia. Finally, I also got to see Cornell marching band as it walked into the hall. I don’t really want to imagine what it was like being inside that hall with the band playing all it arsenal.

Hockey Tradition 3

What can i say? Tradition…


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