Some thoughts from AoIR 8

I am currently at the conference of Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR). All in all it is really good and there many good and interesting people.  Here are some brief observations and questions that pop in my head.

  1. I now know why they are making academic conferences in Vancouver. It rains here practically 24 hours, so you can’t really go touring, so you sit in the sessions :)
  2. There is a large gap between industry people creating technology and researcher studying it. An industry person presenting at an academic conference is still giving a promotional talk to their product. I wonder if there are more productive ways to engage.
  3. I am asking myself what is the value of critical research beyond illuminating a problem? At some point i start hearing the “so what” question louder and louder in my head. So the world has its problems, but what do we do about them?  Aren’t we at that stage with internet research where pure description is not enough?

That’s it for tonight, but there will probably be more tomorrow or the day after…


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