Australian PM race made it to the Israeli news

I was rather surprised to notice the following title today on the Israeli Ynet: “Australia: The leading candidate picked his ear and chewed” (my poor translation).  Frankly, i wasn’t really aware that there is a PM race going on in Australia (my apologies Lisa), so i was really curios (and entertained) what is there in the manners of leading candidate to cause him hitting international headlines.  Imagine my surprise to discover that the focus of the drama is a 15 sec YouTube video showing Kevin Rudd “scooping something from his left ear with his finger, which he then puts in his mouth” according to Washington Post.  You have to agree with me that this is a rather unusual news title/topic these days, and it looks so surrealistic to read about ear-picking Australian candidate in an Israeli newspaper.

The interesting point, newspapers claim, is that this 15 sec video has the potential of severely damaging his campaign.  And the truth is that there is a precedent of YouTube doing that (see George Allen’s “famous” macaca controversy).  However there are two separate issues in hand.  The first is the ability of (supposedly) grassroots media input influencing political discourse and actual campaigns, which is interesting and indeed worth the attention.  The second is the substantive issue in hand – can we equate ear-picking with racist comments?


3 Responses to “Australian PM race made it to the Israeli news”

  1. Veronica Says:

    You forgot to mention how many views this clip got :)
    Stop reading Ynet!

  2. Dima Says:

    It is hard to say how many hits it got since there are few versions of it out there. And as to Ynet, i just followed a link someone sent me…

  3. lisa Says:

    The video is from many years ago and was uploaded by a Liberal (conservative) staffer. It is a pretty funny clip, but to me it is about on a level with nose-picking. I imagine you would get the same amount of views from a clip of the Queen farting. Regardless, he won’t actually have trouble being elected :) It seems the conservative govt of last 12 years will finally be ousted by the ear-picking guy! But apparently no measure is too desperate to try and stop that happening.

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