What do you think?

Got this link from John Lester’s post on Facebook.  Before writing any comments I really wanted to ask what you (the few people who read this blog :) think about the following video:


6 Responses to “What do you think?”

  1. Leonid Says:

    Personally, I fail to see a problem with almost all of those statements, with possibly only a handful of exceptions. I mean, nine out of ten make me say “So what?” and the remaining one — “Do you have better ideas?”.

  2. Dima Says:

    I hoped to have more responses here, but probably less people than i think are reading me :)
    Anyhow, i think i am with you on this one. I can see where the education system is lagging behind, but it cannot be only demand driven (it wouldn’t be education system then). And the main point is of course “so what do you suggest?”

  3. lisa Says:

    I think you would get more responses asking a specific question.

  4. Dima Says:

    You are probably right… So, what do you think about the points they are trying to make in the video? Do you think all are legitimate? Should the be addressed? How?

  5. Tony Carson Says:

    The video seems to be a neat precis of the state of mass education as seen through the eyes of the students. It brings up a lot of questions. The first to me: why aren’t these kids taking advantage of a fabulous opportunitiy and getting down to business. Instead, they seemed to have brought their indolent lifestyle from home. That may be unfair, the higher education system may well be broken but education is all about being subjected to new ideas and thoughts and that’s still what Unis are all about, or mainly about, or somewhat about or …

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    […] technology, as this article illustrates. On the other hand we see some “interesting” requests from fresh college students, who seem to move to another extreme of denying anything the […]

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