Constructing ‘digital divide’ in Russian

From an explanation about ‘digital divide‘ in Russian Wikipedia:

Термин появился как обозначение раскола в семье, когда муж слишком много времени проводил за компьютером в ущерб всему остальному, и жена не могла с этим смириться.

My unprofessional translation:

The concept emerged to convey a split in a family, when the husband would spend too much time with the computer instead of doing other things, and the wife could not bear with it.


2 Responses to “Constructing ‘digital divide’ in Russian”

  1. lisa Says:


    On a point of how you manage the Wikipedias, do you look up a concept in Russian first, or English? Or either? Anything funny to read here?

  2. Dima Says:

    I think i am using mostly the EN version. So far others proved themselves as being poorer. The particular entry in RU i found as part of my search for data on digital divide in RU. It is an interesting story in itself, for in RU there is no single term for digital divide. A rather broadly adopted term is “digital barrier”, but there are also “digital split”, “digital separation”, etc., as well as “digital inequality”.

    The HE entry on digital divide is not funny, it is just poorly written (really poorly). And this is the point where i ask myself: “shall i correct it?” and the next question is “do i have time for that?”… in the meantime (unfortunately) it will remain as it…

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