ComFree update

It’s been a few month since i first wrote about the comfree idea, but since then i haven’t heard much from of the people who commented on it and, frankly, didn’t do a very good job in communicating about it. In fact, I did not manage to maintain the routine of first Saturday every month as much as I initially hoped. Life got in the way and sometimes i had to use the technology on the specific dates. It was particularly difficult to maintain while traveling. At the same time i tried to have at least a day a month when I do not use communication technologies. This was especially easy for example when, together with friends, I went for three days to Adirondacks :)

However now I am trying to bring the idea back on track. So, tomorrow is the first Saturday of November and i am going to take a break.



3 Responses to “ComFree update”

  1. Comfree - it didn’t hurt, really « ::: Think Macro ::: Says:

    […] – it didn’t hurt, really Just a quick feedback on my last Comfree Day, which passed by with tremendous speed. It was both fun and a rather productive day. I […]

  2. Nadya Says:

    Yeah, I just remembered about that idea of yours recently wishing I could do that one day… So this weekend, I almost managed not to use any communication devices (well, Mom’s phone call doesn’t count) starting at about 11 PM last night until 7PM today and enjoy the beautiful weather! Hope that counts… :)

  3. Dima Says:

    Counts indeed! How does it feel?

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