An addiction to reading about about efficiency?

I came across a blog named Zen Habits that deals with personal development.   It provides all kinds of (many times trivial) advise about how to make more of your day and being more efficient.  The implicit idea is that not being anxious about chasing the clock all the time will make you happier.  And indeed, this turns to be a rather popular topic.  I think today it is in Technorati 100 most popular blogs.

It is a nice blog, though it is also rather redundant.   After reading about 10 posts you start seeing the same ideas again and again, but repacked in slightly different rhetoric.  Relevant to my point in this post is a common theme calling for a moderate use of computers, or in other words, for wasting less time online.

In one of the recent posts there was a poll about an optimal number of posts the readers would like to see.  In light of the blog’s advocated philosophy and limited variation of content, one could expect a call for limited number of posts (implying they would be of a higher quality).  However, at the time of my check 48%  (584 votes) asked for 5 posts a week (the maximum number you could choose inthe survey), 28% asked for 4 posts, 15% asked for 3 posts, and only 10% asked for 2.

I find this a little bit ironic.  People preoccupied with efficiency are in fact calling for more opportunities to waste their time.  It may be an interesting question to check if people are in fact getting addicted to reading about efficiency rather than actually working on becoming efficient.  It seems to me that (at least over-) reading of such efficiency oriented material is counter-productive for personal efficiency.  Don’t you think?


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