Is it hypocrisy or very short memory?

In the beginning of this year the Israeli students went on strike. In fact the strike was about potential rise in the tuition fees, however the rhetoric used by the student leadership and activists claimed that they are fighting for changing the national priorities and for saving the Israeli education.  The semester was in danger, but utilizing the high ideals and revolutionary spirit, the students were kept out of campus for about 5 weeks (if i remember correctly). The faculty showed solidarity, even if just limited, and put an effort to resume the semester that got prolonged because of the strike.

A few weeks ago, the Israeli senior faculty went on strike (HE). In fact the strike is about the material conditions of the faculty and to a degree the Israeli academia in general.  The core rhetoric is remarkably similar to that used by the students earlier this year.  Seemingly, one would expect the students to join the faculty and do what they were claiming they are doing just a few months ago.  However, there are different voices sound, at least in the media (HE).  The students are angry that there are no classes, and that their studies may be delayed, while the student leadership is getting organized to demand a refund of tuition fees.

And I am asking myself: is it hypocrisy of the student leadership, and to a degree of the students themselves, or they just got very short memory and once it is not their pocket, the high ideals are forgotten?


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