It’s your chance!

Yes, it is now your chance to get the “$100” laptop or XO! I think the sales in the US and Canada started a few days ago and will continue until Nov. 26. I wish i had an extra $400…

And if we are mentioning MIT (XO is their creation), check out this thread on Henry Jenkins blog.  He has a few posts exploring the educational potential of computer games.  Very interesting.


2 Responses to “It’s your chance!”

  1. John Daly Says:

    Amazon has just started selling its Kindle, an ebook product with many characteristics of the OLPC, albeit more expensive. There is also a great site on infoDev on low cost computers:

  2. Dima Says:

    Thank you John! Actually i was just reading an article about Kindle this morning in Newsweek. As i was dong it, i couldn’t help but thinking about comparison to OLPC. I hope to share some thoughts about it soon.

    The link seems very interesting.

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