Technology and the city

It is amazing how much you can see while simply sitting in a Starbucks in NYC.  Yesterday I had that moment and couldn’t hep myself but noticing all the communication technologies and how people are interacting with them.  So what we had there…

There were dozens of laptops of any shape and color (including pink). Electricity seems to be the scarce product.  There were people coming to the coffee shop with extension cords and there were those who stopped by just to charge their mobile.  There was a man who brought an entire 19′ computer screen and spent his time browsing dating websites.

There was a group of young people (between 3 to 7 people at different points), probaby in their early 20’s, who were dressed rather formally and who made this coffee shop their office.  I have no idea what exactly they were doing, but there was at least one laptop on the table in any given moment and they constantly talked on their mobiles.

There were countless amounts of iPods, MP3 players, and mobile phones.  People would listen to music or just play with them.  There was a couple who was definitely on a date since they both were extremely nervous.  Interestingly, they conversation seemed to move to discussion of their mobiles as if to save them from an embarrassing silence.

There was also a man who is running a photo stand in front of the coffee shop and who is coming there to warm up and hide from an annoying drizzling rain.  Observing this man made me wondering why there is no gadget protection society, because the way he treated his gear should disqualify him from being a gadget owner.  He would drop, drag, and press his laptops so hard that i wondered how they can function at all especially since they were also operating in rain.  That was a sad picture.

I was fascinated by the amount and variety of communication technologies found in such a small space and even more so by the variety of uses.  Interesting…


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