Comfree confession

It’s been a while since i posted updates on the Commfree or CommTechFree days. In fact, i was rather good in observing those. Luckily, it worked out in such a fashion that i could just go away and spend the time hiking or seeing friends. For example, just last month i spent the CommFree day in the Northern Israel where i could see some amazing scenery such as that in the picture. Probably the only technology I used at that time was a camera, but there was definitely no internet.

Now, it is the confession part. Tomorrow i won’t be able to keep the ComFree day because of the work load and because we are hopefully going to launch the WikiCandidate website (more about it later). So, yes, life poses its own limitations and we all are human. I hope to carve some other day this month to have some ComFree time, but that does not mean that you cannot practice it on schedule (though something tells me that i am the only crazy one actually practicing it :)


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