WikiCandidate 08

Finally, after quite a long period of development, we are launching today the WikiCandidate website. It is part of Josh’s and my experiment that we are conducting together with Tarleton.

WikiCandidate08The website tries simulating campaign website of the presidential candidates racing in the current US election (so I hope that the timing, a day before “Super Tuesday”, is good.). The cool part is that practically all the parts of the website are editable. Any registered user can change any biographical detail of the candidate including, but not limited to, their gender, race, religion, political affiliation, martial status, sexual orientation, education, working experience – anything! It is free text, so the sky is the limit.

But not only the bio is editable. The users/participants can decide on the political agenda of WikiCandidate. They can decide what are the issues that the candidate is carrying about and what are their stand on those issues. The users have the ability to create news items about how WikiCandidate reacts to the daily developments and to the activities of the opponents (aka the real candidates).

There are even more features to play with and to take to various extremes if desired. The only limitation is that any change you, as a user do, can be immediately reverted by other users. Yes, the website is based on a wiki engine, so the content is created collectively. At the end of the day the WikiCandidate can be created probably either through consensus or through tyranny. In any case, i think that the process can be fascinating for people who are interested in technology, politics, and the combination of the two. The candidate may be fictitious, but the issues it is going to address will be most likely real and created/discussed/shaped by real people.

OK, check the website out and let me know what you think. Better yet, use the website to express your thoughts. I will continue updating about the project and whatever is comming out of it. If you are willing to help, the best thing to do now is spread the word about WikiCandidate, so more people would try to participate.



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