WD bacup utility

I have a WD external hard drive. It came together with a utility named WDsync. It is used to back up your files, particularly your Outlook. On the surface it appears sophisticated. Your files are stored in an encoded format and you can still browse them through the utility program (including looking at specific emails, contacts, or appointments).

However there is a slight problem – IT DOES NOT WORK WELL! Recently i reinstalled my laptop and used the WD backup to restore the Outlook content. First, instead of synchronizing the main PST file or creating a new one, the program added the old PST inside the new one, thus making it impossible simply using the Outlook. After manually organizing the outlook so it could be useful, i realized that many of my emails simply disappeared, emails in Hebrew and Russian turned out question marks or Gibberish, and all the contacts appeared in some weird format.

The bottom line is that i would not recommend anyone using this backup utility. Try finding a better one or if you already know, please share.


3 Responses to “WD bacup utility”

  1. Veronica Says:

    How about that “Sync Toy” software we tried? Wasn’t it good enough?

  2. eszter Says:

    I use Foldershare as a sync tool, but it’s also a backup utility to some extent especially since their recent upgrades. That’s ree.

    I also use Carbonite. It’s not free, and I’ve never had an entire system meltdown so I can’t say how it would work in such a case. But it seems pretty good and I especially like that now it’s possible to choose from among different prior versions of a file for backup. So even if you don’t delete a file, but simply change it in ways that you can’t undo, you can recover an earlier vresion of it.

  3. Dima Says:

    I haven’t tried Sync Toy yet… should do it before i leave.

    Thank you Eszter! I will look into those…

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