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Optimisitic numbers

May 16, 2008

Even though I didn’t make it to Telecom Africa, I couldn’t escape the African motive. Recently, I came across some optimistic numbers about adoption of ICT in the region. The ITU report, cited here, suggests that (a) there is currently more technology in Africa and (b) it is more evenly spread across the continent (the more interesting observation in my view). At the same time, it suggests that people in Africa find mobile more useful, compared to the internet, which is not surprising provided the price of internet access (the cite states a figure of $50 and that is a lot!). In fact, the mobile market is showing impressive growth in other developing countries, which makes it supposedly an interesting aim for foreign investors.

I wonder though, what is the impact of adoption of these technologies on the lives of people? Do they make their lives easier? Happier? More prosperous? How do they use it? How different these ways are from what we are used for? What business and technological innovation is taking place in this process?

Quite fascinating…


The rise of the rest / Newsweek

May 10, 2008

I read quite an interesting article in recent Newsweek.  In the article Fareed Zakaria (who is apparently the editor of Newsweek International) is summarizing the main thesis of his recent book, “The post-American World“.  I would say that this is an interested and a quite optimistic take on current affairs including globalization, raise of nationalism, violence, and shift in the balance of power.  Although the article is written from a very US-centric perspective, it is read as a call to US public to re-assess current geopolitical situation and acknowledge that things have changed – the US-led globalization project succeeded to a great degree and US has to adjust, or more so to reconcile to this new environment.  The article made me definitely interested in reading the book.